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Evaluate computationalism, as an account of the mind?


how the material no. 2062 will mild steel of desity 7.85? what are the other codes?


Explain real scenario your faced in the implimentation project?


What process executed the request?


please explain how to do 'pole drop test' on generator?


draw IRON-CARBON diagram.


what happens to each of the three primary financial statements when capital expenditures decrease?


Suppose that a sub-contractor total work done for Rs.100 & he charged 10.3% service tax.Then total gross value will RS.110.30.On what amt you will (that means on total work done or total gross value)charged Retention@10%,WCT@3% & TDS@2%.


what is a grn in terms of accounting ? what is a grnthroughpo in terms of purchase order? what is a direct grn?


What is the difference between limit of quantification and limit of quantitation?


i need recent placement paper


whether fibre optic cable in high voltage earth conductor is used for protection circuits


Q: How to calculate Transformer losses , tell us by Formula.


A Service provided has provided bill amounting rs. 100000 dt. 30/04/2013 & i have paid amount with 30000 Rs. as on 24/5/2013, & 20000 paid on 7/6/2013 & rest of the amount has been paid as on 15/6/2013 then on which amount TDS has been deducted. may it deducted on Bill amount or payment amount? If bill amount then at which date TDS entry should be done ? & if on Payment date then which date. and if i want to compute interest for late payment of TDS then Which date should be consider for interest payment computation. Do the needful for the same.


can any one send me the configuration of cisco 1841 router????/