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what is pmrep command?


what is the full form for MAN B&W engine which is as follows - 6ESDZC 34/82


i'm working as assistant manager in state bank of patiala. I want to join sbi.i have passed the written examination. In the wake of merger, would i be considered for selection, despite being from sbop


What is present VAT & CST rate ?


why there is a difference in depreciation rate as per companies act & as per income tax act? i know the treatment but want to know why there is a difference?


I wanna apply to Germany with germany language & university visa.I'm a citizen of Bangladesh. Now I am studying in china.I know who wants to apply for visa ,he needs a blocked account including 7908 eur. I wanna know from where can I make this block account & where I can show this money ?Is it ok in Bangladesh or China ? just i want to know which country is perfect for me ?


Dillution effect on EPS


This is to know that :- if a candidate having 6 years of pharma sales experience ,MBA[Marketing]degree,sap-sd funtional knowledge and 2 years+ of sap-sd functional experience what would be salary range of that candidate in kolkata as per the industry trends ?


How does a tertiary winding filter harmonic(espcially 3rd one) from entering into load system?


hi gurus , plz can anybody forward ur cv of accounts/finance related , exp of 4+ years to


Explain Active power,reactive power,how its related to each other , & inductive ,capacitive.


9.Data – driver automation typically includes?


what view do you have towards the govt reservation policy, do you think it should be given on what criteria ? do you think reservation policy is an effective tool ?


what is the exact qualifing marks for group 1 prelims


How to add flash or *.gif file in edit panel in java?