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Question Where can i get informatica certification Exam dumps and
details? please forward it to emailid:
 Question Asked In Companies :: Accenture, CTS, Flextronics, HCL, Infosys, NexGen, Patni, Wipro,     < I also faced this Question! >
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Please forward me too at Thanks os
advance :-)

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Hi my name is kuldeep singh, i have finished my B.E in computer science and engg in 2008. I have worked with accenture for 17 months and because of family problem i left the job in dec 2009.. i was in data ware housing capability. right now i am working in a BPO as technicla support executive,, i want to move to IT again, please suggest me what shuld i do? its been 1 year gap and i am not able to get into IT...please suggest me ...should i go for informatica certification will that help me to get inot IT. please give ur E mail is is 617
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