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currently i am recruited in rollout project my parent company is singapore and now we are doing rollout in could any one please tell me what are the neccesaary steps


why do you choose MBA finance after your IT engineering?


what is capital account? how to manage it? what is the process?


hai i A neelakanteswara rao ,selected for the interview on 15th july 2008. I completed my diploma in chemical engineering.let me know how to face the interview& the type of technical questions.


what is datamapping in hrms? i want detail information about API in hrms?


1) Does oracle have any table which contain all the exceptions and it's code internally?


what is value of Jin transformer


why you applied for crpf.


what is code vector?


Write a java program to find the route that connects between Red and Green Cells. General Rules for traversal 1. You can traverse from one cell to another vertically, horizontally or diagonally. 2. You cannot traverse through Black cells. 3. There should be only one Red and Green cell and at least one of each should be present. Otherwise the array is invalid. 4. You cannot revisit a cell that you have already traversed. 5. The maze need not be in the same as given in the above example


what kinds of thing do you worry about


What is the composition of Cast Iron Grade:GG P70 ?


Dear sir i had been called for ntpc interview and gd next month..please guide me for it!


How to migrate the weblogic domains Existing physical box to New box ? Assume:I have 2 Domains and 5 ms servers and i have deploy the application in managed servers in cluster Envirolment how to migrated? any budy give me steps ?


how many times can we reappear for us visa will he be black listed