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Question Where can i get informatica certification Exam dumps and
details? please forward it to emailid:
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i hv it

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when u connect the repository for the first time it asks you for user name & password of repository and database both.But subsequent times it asks only repository password. why? 794
Hi, I completed MCA in 2006.After studied Informatica,SQL server and basics of reporting tool in one of the training center in chennai.I got subject knowledge only.But I didn't go any job because I scared to face real time.Anyone please advice how can I enter again into this and anyone provide real time exposure with project. 281
Hi Guys, my requirement is to load 1 yr data from oracle to teradata database through abinitio etl graph.i need to schedule this as a monthly job.but i want to load 12 month data for the first time and from second time it should load last (recent) month data and delete 13th month data. For example For the first time it should load 201208 to 201108 data, second time it should delete 201108 month data and load 201209 month data. I developed garph to load 12 month data ,but i don't know how to handle above requirement as am new to abinitio. i greatly appreciate you help.Thank You. 692
how would u estimate the size of Aggregator transform data and index cache? 824
how do u set partition points in the mapping? 1072
how do u really know that paging to disk is happening while u are using a lookup transform? 508
Hi, can anyone plz share the project architecture for etl testing(banking domain) plz explain the architecture . 128
how would u estimate the size of Lookup transform data and index cache? 520
how do u estimate the number of partitions that a mapping really requires? Is it dependent on the machine configuration? 778
how do u identify the changed records in operational data? 965
Can anyone explain me a scenario from banking and finance...more precisely a mapping 1096
where is the cache (lookup, index) created and how can you see it. 622
what happens if the info.server doesn't find the session parameter in the parameter file? 624
Identifying the bottlenecks in various components of Informatica and resolving them. 559
what is pmrep command? 927
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