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hello I am a tranee on Mainframe i want to know ans of tricky que like how would u see urself 5 yrs down the line


How did PL/I originate?


can anyone help me out with names of 3 leading 1)logistics companies 2) supply chain companies in the world


What is the data you give in S.O.P screen?


Explain phantom read?


What are all the netwoking tools, hardware tools and software tools required for testing a web-based n client server applicatopn?


Given the Following program IF X < Y THEN Statement 1; ELSE IF Y >= Z THEN Statement 2; END McCabe’s Cyclomatic Complexity is :


in the earthquqke the profile of water on dam is parabolic or not


plz tell me about the electives in group2


hi guys we r working in office...we write some scripts..suddenly we have a work(5min only) in out side..what will do now,,,used to system shut down or log off or lock or sleep mode,switch use or hibernate?


i have completed my bca from annamalai university in distance mode. Now am working as a Front Office Executive in a Software co. I am interested in HR field. and i want to do MBA HR from symbiosis university through Distance mode..Am i thinking right for myself??? please suggest me.!


What is Salt Filter?


How to calculate ESI Please define what include in basic salary and what should be excluded from basic salary


have u shared any lighter moment with customercare executive in ur life tell me ur experience


whose famous hairstyle of a 1990s TV comedy series spawned a million look a like copies.