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what are the main technical differences between oracle and sap? it would be more helpful to me if get this answer...


Hi,when we pass a clearing entry of paid and unpaid tax how do we show the business area the way the business area can be there any change that i have to do in the configuration of this client wants that the business area also reflects when we post the gl.please help.


how we calculate the tds on salary.


I have created Mobile app for andriod and iphone but same do not have real devices. How i check mobile app on all devices ?


We can use a calculated field to dynamically create the burst recipients in Cognos 8. Can we do the same in Cognos ReportNet 1.1?


A signal has a wavelength of 1 micro min in far can the front of the wave travel during 1000periods?


I would like to know what all question do they ask for ITIL Consultant?


when the assistants selected in CSS cadre in CGL test 2010 will get appointment letter.Final result came out on jan 7,2011.


i am a if i have been asked that why i want to enter into banking sector???What wil be the appropriate answer???


what is the difference between add link and include link in BO? Explain me with a scenario when to go for add link and when to go for include link?


When we should continue testing?


when i come in contact with any metal items or clothes of fur i find myself shock and when run my fingers on fur clothes or matters, i find sparks. Is there any vitiams deffecieny in my body. If so, what i have to do?


write test case for ecomerce shopping


weather any body knows how th partiton of sections in rrb is aote 1,genera nowlge 2,intellgince 3,maths 4,english 5,science


What are Dynamic Variables?