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How to display names of all components in a Container?


Have you faced any situation where you are working on one module and at the same time had to work on a different module. how did you cope with such a situation? Give me an example.(plse answer this question as if you are a junior consultant)


what will be the minimum bearing clearance that after it will not profitable for machines?


Test script is generated and it is enhanced.It is required to be saved.But the disk space is insufficient.You are not permitted to delete any scripts.How are you going to save?


I want previous year question paper of ONGC for chemical engg.


Why we use nhexane inplace of hexane in mobilepase preparation


my project load is 6 MW so please suggest the size of cable.. ALU 3c 400 aqmm cable can be sufficient.. is there any thumb rule for calculation of cable size please help me


architural difference between 7.1 workflow monitor and 8.1 workflow monitor.


what are essential components of digital computer? discuss the function of each components. draw the block diagram of a computer showing its essential components


If we buy crush sand for 3200/ Brass and cement for Rs350 /Bag and flyash 1200 / tonne....and my production is 230 Bricks per bag than how much cost is required for 1 flyash brick?


C1,C2 upto Cn are n cities in a country.There are some roads connecting these cities.They are connected in such a that Crth city has r distinct routes connecting each of the other city in the country. 1)if n=27,then how many roads are there in a country? 2)if n=4,in how many distinct routes,can a person travel from c3 to c2?


what is the usage of microcontroller in the panel board?


What is PLUS-based procedure?


The present state of recession in the IT Industry - as a Human Resource Manager how are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning at Macro Level to tide over this crisis?


What is aircombining?