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When u loved someone and he/she is trying to throw a grenade in crowed place. What you will do ? you will kill him/her ? For this sentence we need to write an essay altest 1 page. Please help me in this by posting the answers to


For H4 visa if they ask that do I have any friends or relatives at US what should I say


How do we get end points and how many end points are possible for citric acid and di-acid not theorotically answer should be given practically.


One plate (women civil worker lifting Plate - Satti) sand measures how many cubic feet?


What is surge and how is it prevented, what is the purpose of bypass valve across AS valve.


uses of checklist


Can you connect Active Directory to other 3rd-party Directory Services? Name a few options.


what is Avian flu threat? what are its symptoms?


Which is the World’s Warmest Sea?


I need the Turn Over Ratio Normally TOR= Cost of sales /Avg Inventory, If i dont have stock (I brought and sold the item once in last 1 yr) in that case what will be my average inventory...


why marketing is process of gardening not hunting?


I completed mca in 2007 and now iam applying ms for spring 2010.If VO asks me abt the gap what would be the best answer help me plzzzzzz


Write to check whether a number is magic number or not?


Why humidity limit is 30 to 55 % for raw material storage?


in Contactor opearation Why there is a difference in the values of the operate and release voltage in case AC supply