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Question explain oops concepts with examples?
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explain the concept of virtual method invocation in polymorphism in detail? 733
where the static methods will live ,on stack ? can you explain brefly 442
what is the role of xml in core java?? and how we can use it?? can somebody give a sample program with explanation and from where i can read more about xml????? 720
whatis Home interface and Remoteinterface? with example? 567
What is stored procedure. How do you create stored procedure ? 534
What releases of Java technology are currently available? What do they contain? 567
Why are the destructors for base class and derived class called in reverse order when the program exits 701
Difference between error and exception 2656
how to handle exceptions in ejb? 802
hi am an engineering student and my next plan is for ms in either in us or australia i got my passport but i dont know anything bout visa can u give brief idea 1)How to get prepared for visa and 2)How to apply for top universities and 3)How to pay the fee and so on These all are basic questions plz give me a clear idea 529
In a container there are 5 components. I want to display all the component names, how will you do that? 552
Tell me the Importent classes in net package? 631
how a programmer confirms that the data submitted has been succesfully inserted into the database(either oracle or my sql).. How a programmer confirm if there is any problem with the program he wrote for insertion... ANS:--- >executeupdate method is having boolean return type, if anything goes wrong in data insertion or data updation, it would return false. otherwise, if it successfully inserts data into the database, it would return true NOW HOW TO I CHECK IN MY DURING EXECUTION WHETHER IT RETURNS TRUE OR FALSE... WELL IT WILL DISPLAY ANY MESSAGE OR NOT 636
make a method which any number and any type of argument and print sum of that arguments..... 398
what is object slice? 500
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