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what is the extension of SPDS Dynamic cluster tables?


How would you add elements and pictures to listitems in listview control?


How to calculate concrete in percentage wise ,for example cement 18% sand 40% aggregate 40% and Stell 2% ,I need and??


which type of motor is used in automatic swing gate


Why company issue shares at discount as its a loss ?


till me yourself


I am 18 years old and now i wait for the I20 form. I have my appointment at the embassy on 19 August. I will go to the Missouri Valley College, i have pay the first semester and in my parents financial statement i have the amount for to pay the first two years. I have also a academic scholarship from the college, actually i must payed 22.000$ and i will pay only 9.700$. I want to go in a US college, because i play in my country american football and i want to play football in the college. I have a lower TOEFL score 33, but i will give again the TOEFL test in the college and if i don't take again the test, i will participate in a few ESL classes that is as a part of my scholarship package, ( I need in the TOEFL iBT 61). And in the taxes for last years it appear that my parents make last year 18.000 Euro (27.000$). Last information is that i live in Greece, but my nationality is Albanian. Therefore i want to ask you how probabilities have i to take the student visa?


what is check list?what is use of check list?who prepares that?


Is it possible Z axis excess error alarm reflect in X axis if yes explain ?


sir , i am very confussing enrty for cash receipts in t code fbcj. do the effect on wbs element after selected wbs ?


explain procedure of the OCJP cerification, and exam fee please explain


Difference between PI 7.0,PI 7.1,PI 7.3?


what is fullform of ge 9ea gas turbine


Can the activities of test case design be automated?


why single injection in related substance & dissolution but why not in assay ?