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I am a beginner in Sap pm.Can anyone suggest me some good website to know more abt sap pm module. If anyone has any material abt it, plz mail to my mail:-


what is the meaning silverligt control


please any one can explain the keyword driven framework. with gmail example.


i m sabina . i am rejected in us visa in 29th july and counciler mam say me your colege is exp and choose cheap col and come back. so what i do. i have 2 i20 fairmont and troy . troy is so cheap than fairmont but we arrive in troy aug11 its not posible what i do ?


wich is coming the first HAZOP OR SIL


what is budgetory control and what are the types


How to define a cusotmer as a supplier in ORACLE R12


I have to do a project in transport domain in J2EE.How can i find informations regarding transport domain and why do we use that?


give some important questions in Airport Authority of india junior Engineer ATC exam?


How can I automate database maintenance routines?


In which state spaces does the online-dfs-agent will work? a) Irreversible state spaces b) Reversible state spaces c) searchable state spaces d) All of the mentioned


How should i answer in the interview whether in my regional language or in english?


Tell us something about yourself, discuss 5 characteristics


In Retail business scenario, How can we do the PGI if material is not available? Mean customer ready to take the material but physically and in system material is not available ? Is it any way to do delivery?


What is mean effective press?