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ORA-01883: overlap was disabled during a region transition    1  936
ORA-01882: timezone region string not found    1  4379
ORA-01881: timezone region id number is invalid    1  1446
ORA-01880: the fractional seconds must be between 0 and 999999999    1  4429
ORA-01879: the hh25 field must be between 0 and 24    1  1200
ORA-01878: specified field not found in datetime or interval    1  4820
ORA-01877: string is too long for internal buffer    1  8669
ORA-01876: year must be at least -4713    1  955
ORA-01875: time zone minute must be between -59 and 59    1  2609
ORA-01874: time zone hour must be between -12 and 13    1  2696
ORA-01873: the leading precision of the interval is too small    1  3647
ORA-01871: the number of seconds must be less than 60    1  979
ORA-01870: the intervals or datetimes are not mutually comparable    1  4852
ORA-01868: the leading precision of the interval is too small    1  1364
ORA-01867: the interval is invalid    1  2879
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What is live lock, deadlock and what is Lock escalation? 770
a pleasant evening. i would like to ask a question about yellow journalism. This is another term for sensationalism right? i just wanted to know a lot of articles or studies with regards to the effect this yellow journalism could effect the interpretation of the students,especially college students who are taking Communication course. please help me answer this. 639
When I look for mannual enry of any of the command in Unix, such as #man ls, I get a message "Reformatting entry. Wait..." and control comes to a next command prompt. what is the problem? 584
how to run the application using winrunner for data driven test? 676
ORA-26076: cannot set or reset value after direct path structure is allocated 546
hi pp gurus, when i do the goods receipt through transiction MIGO the system, gives following error. I filled up all information that needs MIGO transiction. the error is: "Account determination for entry INT GBB___AUF 7900 not possible." can any one suggest me what to do now? 900
ORA-26027: unique index string.string partition string initially in unusable state 2995
Hi guys, I have four tables those are emp,dept,eliminate and uneliminate. i wrote small cursor..when i run, it display one error (ORA-01403 nodata found)... The query is: Declare cursor c1 is select e.ename emp_name from emp e,dept d where e.deptno=d.deptno group by deptno; r1 c1%rowtype; test_emp varchar2(200); begin for r1 in c1 loop begin select eliminate_emp into test_emp from eliminate t,uneliminate ut where t.number=ut.number and t.deptno=e.deptno and rownum<1; end; dbms_output.put_line(r1.emp_name); end loop; end; Thanks... 1201
dear sir I want singal maintainer(iii& ii) solved question paper in every year in every board in rrb. If you collect these and sent these my mail-id i shall very grateful to you. thanking you your's faithfully soma saha 695
hai i got one error i,e http status 404 error what is ds why ds is comming 777
ORA-16516: The current state is invalid for the attempted operation. 3177
Answers for Complete This Song B_C_A_A _IL K_A KA_E, S__AN J__E B__D_ J__E 1374
NZE-28868: Peer certificate chain check failed. 1318
i have created ODBC through Data sources and tests completed sucessfully. when i am Trying to connect SQL Server through ODBC (ODBC :Oracle Open Client Adapter for ODBC Microsoft SQL Server 09.00.3054) unable to Connect to SQL*Plus: Release it is given following error-message . Error: ORA-03121: NO interface driver connected- function not performed. 1233
Write down the difference between c. Loop and goto statement d. (!0) and (!1) e. (1= =! 1) and (1!=1) f. NULL and !NULL 1993
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