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TNS-01043: Password changed for string    1  645
TNS-01042: Current Listener is string    1  620
TNS-01041: %s parameter "string" set to string    1  1011
TNS-01040: SNMP string    1  645
TNS-01039: %s has string service handler(s)    1  697
TNS-01038: %s established:string refused:string current:string max:string state:string    1  611
TNS-01037: "string" established:string refused:string    1  574
TNS-01036: %s established:string refused:string    1  1027
TNS-01034: Uptime number days number hr. number min. number sec    1  684
TNS-01033: Listener Parameter File string    1  959
TNS-01030: The listener supports no services    1  2626
TNS-01029: Services Summary...    1  496
TNS-01028: Listener Log File string    1  816
TNS-01027: Listener Trace File string    1  747
TNS-01026: Start Date string    1  553
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2. A student studying Information Technology at Polytechnic of Namibia is examined by coursework and written examination. Both components of assessment carry a maximum of 50 marks. The following rules are used by examiners in order to pass or fail students. a. A student must score a total of 40% or more in order to pass (total = coursework marks + examination marks) b. A total mark of 39% is moderated to 40% c. Each component must be passed with a minimum mark of 20/50. If a student scores a total of 40% or more but does not achieve the minimum mark in either component he/she is given a technical fail of 39% (this mark is not moderated to 40%) d. Grades are awarded on marks that fall into the following categories. Mark 100-70 69-60 59-50 49-40 39-0 Grade A B C D E Write a program to input the marks for both components (coursework marks out of 50 and examination marks out of 50), out put the final mark and grade after any moderation. [30] 887
When do you get "getwmicomexception"? 345
ORA-16626: failed to enable specified object 538
mount: mount to NFS server failed: System Error: Connection timed out 1474
What is the meaning of lock escalation and why/how to stop this? 347
hp asking for replication floppy to do reinstall 25254 server assistant 1160
The employee runs big client-server applications and must quickly transfer large files. The company wants the best cost/benefit on this connection. What would be the most practical solution? 884
What is the major use of Servelet 625
how to run the application using winrunner for data driven test? 588
IMG-02003: 2FF03 - incorrect color histogram feature specification 222
when i ran any workflow or session, getting below error: seesion task instance[s_xxx]: Execution terminated unexpecterdly 780
In .net how many error will occur? 1025
invalid quantity specification negative quantity are not allowed for this item please check this item definition quantity 1419
what is new g/l functionality 900
java.sql.SQLException:Invalid state, the statement object is closed Hai all i got this error when i am multiple times referesh web page 3411
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