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Which of the following natural regions is known as the ‘bread basket’ of the world? (1) The Steppe region (2) The Mediterranean region (3) The Monsoon region (4) The Equatorial region


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Which place does Andhra Pradesh occupy in India in respect of area? (a) 10th place (b) 5th place (c) 4th place (d) 3rd place

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Which is the biggest state in South India? (a) Andhra Pradesh (b) Tamil Nadu (c) Kerala (d) Karnataka

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How many districts are there in Andhra Pradesh? (a) 20 (b) 22 (c) 23 (d) 24

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When was Telengana merged with Andhra Pradesh? (a) 1st November 1956 (b) 1st November 1953 (c) 1st November 1952 (d) 1st August 1948

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Which is the second Major spoken language in A.P. (a) Telugu (b) English (c) Urdu (d) Sanskrit

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Dravidians are represented by: (a) The Andhras (b) The Tamilians (c) The Kanadians and the Malayalis (d) All the above

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The name ‘Andhra’ was mentioned for the first time in: (a) Aitereya Brahmana (1000 B.C.) (b) Rigveda (c) Titireya Brahmana (d) Andhravan Vada

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Did Mauryans ruled the Andhras? (a) Yes (b) No (c) Valid sources are not available

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Panini was a (a) Sanskrit grammerian (b) Vedic scholar (c) Famous saint (d) Telugu poet

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Duration of the ‘Epic Age’ (a) 2000 – 1000 B.C. (b) 1500 – 1000 B.C. (c) 1000 – 500 B.C. (d) 500 – 300 B.C.

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Satavahanas became independent rulers: (a) After the down fall of the Mauryan rulers (b) During the reign of the Mauryans (c) They never ruled independently (d) None

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Satavahana dynasty was founded by: (a) Hala (b) Satakarni (c) Yagnasri (d) Srimukha

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Capital of the Satavahanas was: (a) Pratisthana (b) Amaravathi (c) Warangal (d) None

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The greatest king among the Satavahanas was: (a) Yagnasri (b) Satakarni-II (c) Hala (d) Srimukha

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