APPSC Interview Questions
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Who is the author of Ramacharitamanas? (1) Ramananda (2) Mirabai (3) Kabir (4) Tulsidas

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Who of the following was the first Mughal ruler to introduce prohibition? (1) Babur (2) Akbar (3) Humayun (4) Jahangir


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Nadir Shah looted Delhi in 1739 A.D. Who was the Mughal ruler at that time? (1) Jahandar Shah (2) Muhammad Shah (3) Alamgir-Ii (4) Farrukh Siyar

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After his return to Britain, Robert Clive died in 1774 due to (1) A dreadful disease (2) committing suicide (3) assasination (4) murder under mysterious circumstances

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Who led the mutineers of Cawnpore in 1857? (1) Nana Sahib (2) Tantia Tope (3) Holkar (4) Gaekwad

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Stainless steel is an alloy of (1) Iron and Nickel (2) Iron, Chromium and Nickel (3) Iron, Chromium and Zinc (4) Iron and Manganese

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Cooking gas contains more than 90 percent of (1) Hydrogen (2) Sulphur dioxide (3) Helium (4) Methane


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Hepatitis is an ailment related to (1) inflammation of the liver (2) inflammation of the heart (3) inflammation of the kidneys (4) inflammation of the intestines

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A gradual rise in barometer height indicates (1) Approach of fair weather (2) Approach of an immediate storm (3) Likelihood of rainfall (4) Nothing significant

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Which of the following chemicals is added to water for the prevention of tooth decay? (1) Fluoride (2) Chloride (3) Bromide (4) Sulphide

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Which of the following is the only non-metal which is a good conductor of electricity? (1) Graphite (2) Phosphorus (3) Sulphur (4) Hydrogen

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Camphor left on a plate exposed to air disappears because (1) it evaporates (2) it reacts with the gases in the atmosphere (3) it reacts with the plate and dissolves (4) it undergoes chemical decomposition

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The acid generally used in storage batteries is (1) Sulphuric acid (2) Nitric acid (3) Hydrochloric acid (4) Acetic acid


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Vinegar is prepared by the (1) fumigation of dates (2) fumigation of rotten grapes (3) fumigation of apple cider in the presence of air (4) Dehydration of wine

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Which of the following countries banned child labour recently? (1) France (2) China (3) Japan (4) USA

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Can anyone please email me soft copy of APPSC Group 1 study material. My ID is Millions of thanx in advance.


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what are the jobs that are provided if we prepare for groups


Hai I am Ravi kishore i dad completed Diplamo in automobile engineering (DAE) i want to prepare for AMVI job can u please guide me with previous question papers and other materials thanks i advance


hi am prasad,jus entered into final year, i wan apear for d groups..can any 1 plz giv me some guidence??


Good afternoon sir, sir my name is M.NagaJyothi sir am telugu medium student sir is there available telugu medium materia&coaching in teugu &how much fee for Group1 mains sir.


i also want someone to help me in knowing what are the '%'s that one has to get in applying for group-2 starting from standard 10 ...


please send GR-2 previous question papers to my mail


Dear Sir, Please send me Group two exam date


please send me material for grou ii exam to my mail id given is


I am preparing for APSRTC Officers under training,i would like to know the syllabus for this post's written test also Suggest me the reference books for Managerial Aptitude, General Knowledge, General English. Kindly send reply to my mail id


When tata have already cdma service than why it launch different network why not combined this


are mbbs students eligible for group 1exam during their internship after completing final year


am doing my B-tech 3 year nd am n consfusion how 2 prepare for groups an dhow 2 start actually wether 2 go 2 istitution s beter r any thng else plzz any 1 jst help me na actually how 2 get complete information abt grps...