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what is difference between procedure and function, procedure and trigger? iflex   7  15742
there are 2 variables called x and y ,x contains 1,2 and y contains 3,4 we have to swap the values from x to y and y to x with out using dummy variables and it can be done only by using a single statement ? how? oracle   12  7220
how to check the 3rd max salary from an employee table? ibm   19  13257
What is magic table?    6  11798
Delete duplicate records in the emp table.    6  7455
Delete the emps whose salaries are lowest sals of their own dept.    5  4163
define a variable representing the expression used to calculate on emps total annual remuneration.use the variable in a statement which finds all emps who can earn 30000 a year or more.    4  2976
check whether all the emp numbers are indeed unique.    6  5052
What is the first action to perform a query? Suppose I have four tables and five joins and my query is getting slow day by day. hexaware   4  5459
Can a table have two primary keys? hcl   44  47545
what is the order of pre-defined exceptions. tcs   6  7691
what is mean by forward declaration and where we'll use it. tcs   4  14926
what is bulk bind tcs   4  7439
Whatis yhe use of cursor ? how cursor allocate context area for executing the sql statement? hcl   2  6425
what is global table iflex   5  7319
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are code pages ? 554
What packages(if any) has oracle provided for use by developers? 2280
Describe the Index, Types of index, At what situation we have used? Which one s better than others? 471
1. is it possible to use the cursor atttibutes (%found ,% rowcount , %isopen , %notfound ) to our user defined cursor names ....... cursor cursor_name is select * from scott.emp if you use... cursor_name%found , %rowcount ,%isopen,%notfound...will it work... -------------------------- 2.what is the difference between the varray and index by table .. -------- 3. type type_name is table of number(8,3) index by binary_integer; identifier_name type_name; first , last , prior , next ,trim are the methods we can use it for the above type...simillary is there any way to apply for cursors... with thanks and regards..sarao... 558
what is the bond code in materialized view? 989
What action do you have to perform before retrieving data from the next result set of a stored procedure ? 833
what is indexing, searching and user interface? 710
What is the use of time stamp in select statement? 133
How do you use collections in procedure to return the resultset? 606
which will default fire first  statement level trigger or row level trigger 113
What is Materialized View? In What Scenario we Use Materialized View? 3875
Could you please provide oca (oracle 10g) dumps for my certification ? 2233
write a query that returns first characters of each word in Oracel/Sql pl sql 3964
What is window clause? 119
what is the difference difference between procedure and packages 2911
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