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What is a bitmap index? choice-solutions   4  11757
Regarding joins what are the differences you observed in oracle 9i and sql server? choice-solutions   3  3590
what are the different types of joins? choice-solutions   4  5266
How to convert ms-excel file to oracle table?    2  5108
Write a simple program on cursors birlasoft   2  4137
Difference between views and materialized views? birlasoft   4  11063
Find out the 3rd highest salary? birlasoft   50  30754
what command is used to create a table by copying the structure of another table including constraints ? eicc   5  7545
In testing where do we use sql language and how it helps in testing?    2  3297
I want to display the employees who have joined in last two months. (It should be executed randomly means If I execute the query in March it should display Jan and Feb joined employees. Same query if i execute in Feb, 2007 it should display dec, 2006 and jan 2007 joined employees. wipro   12  14184
what is the command for user data type?    2  3017
How to retrieve Duplicate Rows only in a Table? Suppose if a Table Name is "Education". It consists of multiple columns. Then if we insert rows into this table with duplicate records then how can we retrieve only duplicate records from that table? wipro   26  19641
how can i read files from a pl/sq l program    3  3568
i don't want the message as 14 rows updated just it should update what it will do    4  3718
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Un-Answered Questions
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i have some prob lem to tell me about my self in interview first round ... 291
what is indexing, searching and user interface? 672
Are there any features that are decommissioned in 11g that are not present in 11g? 301
Hi am new to PLSQL & facing problems in writing code like in SP, Functions, so any one having some SP coding with in depth explanation please share with me my Email ID Or taking tanning on this please do contact me 422
what is the bond code in materialized view? 936
How well can multiple sessions access the same data simultaneously ? 478
Differences between Oracle 9i and 10g (Probably in terms of SQL and PL/SQL)? 1375
What is Materialized View? In What Scenario we Use Materialized View? 3578
What is your daily office routine? 342
1. is it possible to use the cursor atttibutes (%found ,% rowcount , %isopen , %notfound ) to our user defined cursor names ....... cursor cursor_name is select * from scott.emp if you use... cursor_name%found , %rowcount ,%isopen,%notfound...will it work... -------------------------- 2.what is the difference between the varray and index by table .. -------- 3. type type_name is table of number(8,3) index by binary_integer; identifier_name type_name; first , last , prior , next ,trim are the methods we can use it for the above type...simillary is there any way to apply for cursors... with thanks and regards..sarao... 511
what is the difference between varray and table data type..please expalain with some examples... under what situation you will go for varray..instead of index by table... 479
when MSQL8.0 is in market 453
i have 2 table table one 4 columns respective values a1 7,a2 6,a3 8 ,a4 12 & table two 4 colums respective values a1 7,a2 6,a3 8,a4 15.if table one & table two 3 colums same then 4th column values 1)Qes diff >5 then print 5 * diff value 2)Que diff <5 print 5 1055
how will i became good database developer? 489
What packages(if any) has oracle provided for use by developers? 2112
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