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Un-Answered Questions

A code which had some declarations of some data items. There were a couple of normal data items(char,int..) and some pointers as well and a malloc call. You have to find the total memory taken up in the stack(Hint:Pointers and all are allocated in heap, not in stack, so dont count them).Also in most of these questions, they were specifying that the OS was 32 bit


What is the role of informatica in project ?Like i showed financial projects?


can anyone explain 11kV 3core cable megger,hi pot test procedure with connection details?


i want to know the interview format fot gail, instrumentation. pls answer me in


How do you create tasks? What is the max number of tasks you created in your previous projects ?


what is meant by 3rd hormonics ?


Hi, If anyone has base SAS certification dumps, please share.


7. (a) How do you implement internal controls in IT systems? (b) How to design internal controls over financial reporting, when financial reporting is performed totally from the software application? Explain briefly the major points. (c) What are the additional controls needed, when the software interfaces are webbased? Explain the materiality of the payroll processing functions to be performed by webinterfaces from the control perspective.


why in motors dc extitaedtion is prefer


how to test the turn ratio of 3 phase transformer using volt meter shoe the curcit diagram.


how to write a server program and sending the mails to the server using smtp protocol please help me


Explain Two-way and One-way data binding in AngularJS?


what is RNG in the DG synchronizing by PLC?


How to test a cube?


How much is the specific fuel consumption of an average diesel engine?