I am nithi,I had Completed MBA with HR and Systems in 2006
Sept.my undergraduation is BSc Computer science.I have 1
year and 6 months of Exp in US Recruitment working only for
Oracle Requirements.Now i am Undergoing Oracle HRMS
Training from Oracle University.Its a 15 days course after
completing this course i will become a oracle certified
consultant.My question is,
1)how is the future of this course because i paid huge
amount to do this?
2)After completing the course can i mention i have 2 yrs of
exp in Oracle HRMS or i want to apply as a Oracle certified
consultant with MBA ?
3)what is the Starting salary minimum for oracle certified

Answer Posted / nituni

2)after the completing course,you are mention you have 2yrs
of exp in Oracle HRMS.

3)Starting salary min for Oracle certified consultant is 20,000.

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