What is Difference between White-box Testing and Unit

Answer Posted / sunithayagnamurthy

whitebox testing:
whitebox testing means to test the internal
functionality.it test coding....Every whitebox tester
should have coding knowledge.....

Unit testing:
Unit testing means to test the module wise
testing ..It test single pice of code or module....
some times it test whitebox test engineer or developer
Unittesting contains fallowing coverages
1.statment coverage
2.Loop coverage
3.branch coverage
4.functional coverage
statment coverage:
This statment test the statment is correct
or not
loop coverage: this statment test the loop is correctly
working or not like if,while ,whileloop etc
branch stament :this statment test the conditional statment
working correctly or not
functional coverage: the functional staments working
correctly or not
this is the unit testing

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