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Print all the palindrome numbers.If a number is not
palindrome make it one by attaching the reverse to it.
output:123321 (or) 12321

Answer Posted / kifle tadesse mit

1# include<stdio.h>
2 int main()
3 {
4 int n,n1,rem,rev=0;
5 printf("enter the number u want to reverse\n");
6 scanf("%d",&n);
8 while(n>0)
10 rem=n%10;
11 rev=rev*10+rem;
12 n=n/10;
13 }
14 if(n1==rev)
15 printf("the given no is palindrome");
16 else
17 {
18 printf("no is not palindrome\n");
19 printf(" its palindrome by attaching it's reverse is
20 }return 0;
21 }

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