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I worked TCS BPO for only 30 days. After that i didnt go to
office due to some family problem. i send resign letter
through mail.I do not like the work environment too. after
a month i had received a letter from TCS that i need to pay
20,000 but i am unable to pay. Now i am searching other job?
I do not show the TCS experience in my resume. Just i want
to know whether its affect my career. If i wont pay TCS?
What will happen? Pls guide me

Answer Posted / romin

Dnt worry friend....just tear those letters and u will not
face any I had received four letters from
Accenture as i left the organisation within 11/2
month....and now I have completed 3 yrs in the organisation
I m working and also received a offer from accenture.

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