What is Difference between White-box Testing and Unit

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white box testing is a coding level testing technique.
during integration of all programms and modules technical
testers will conduct white box testing. it is also known as
glass box testing/clear box testing/program
phase/structural logic testing/fagun testing. white box
testing classified into 3 types they are
1.unit testing:
one program testing is called unit testing. it is also
known as micro testing/ component testing/program tesging.
it is also classified into 3 types:
1.execution testing:
run the programm under developer configuration to check
whether the program correctly responding or not.
2.operation testing: run the programm under customer
expected configuration to check whether the programm is
correctly responding or not.customer expected configuration
(OS, compilers, browser, other system s/w)
3.mutuation testing: mutuation means a change in a
programm. after making changes in programm technical tester
will go to run the programm in both configurations
(customer and developer) to check whether the programm is
correclty responding or not with respect to changes.

other two white box testings are:
module testing and integration testing. module testing is
nothing but testing couple of programmes. during
integration of main and sub modules technical testers will
conduct integration testing.

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