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can you explain how to i give my self introduction

Answer Posted / veeresh

my name is veeresh i came from bowenpalley am 26 years old
coming to my family baground my family consists of 4 members
my father name is ....... he is a corpenter i like his
qualities because he is hard worker thats why iam like my
mother name is ........ she is a tailor and she is
maintained one bangle store $she a domestic engineer i have
only one sister her name ....... she got married and coming
to my educational baground i passed out my master of
business administration at samskruthi college of
engg$technology from jntu year of passed 2011 and i done my
graduation at sri venkateshwara degree college from osmania
university year of passed 2008 my 12th standard at ekashiela
junior college thorrur year of passed 2005 and i done my
schooling at zphs from inugurthy year of passed 2002 and my
technical skills are tally9.0, ms-office, focus, wings, and
coming to my habbies are making friends, Net Browsing,lern
new things my strengths ability to work, intime work
finished, hard working,i dont have any weakness thats it.

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