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what is WLS T3 protocol?

Answer Posted / kamal sastry

T3 is an optimized protocol used to transport data between
WebLogic Server and other Java programs,
including clients and other WebLogic Servers. WebLogic
Server keeps track of every Java Virtual
Machine (JVM) with which it connects, and creates a single
T3 connection to carry all traffic for a
For example, if a Java client accesses an enterprise bean
and a JDBC connection pool on WebLogic
Server, a single network connection is established between
the WebLogic Server JVM and the client
JVM. The EJB and JDBC services can be written as if they
had sole use of a dedicated network
connection because the T3 protocol invisibly multiplexes
packets on the single connection.
T3 is an efficient protocol for Java-to-Java applications
because it avoids unnecessary network
connection events and uses fewer OS resources. The protocol
also has internal enhancements that
minimize packet sizes

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