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what is the frequency of direct current(dc)?

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please send me latest & previous years question papers for IOCL Technical level questions


if i am in front of transmission line how to know that current direction without any equipment


We have 110Vac ,10A ac supply which is converted into 110VDC & How much DC current? which factor is reqired for dc current calulation?


is there any role of power factor with frequency variation? and how we can manage the frequency variation?


How to check the thermocouple is correctly connected to cable for K type? (i,e positive pole is connected to non magnetic conductor and negative pole is connected to magnetic conductor)


what is the difference between gas group b and gas group c electrical equipment construction wise?


why ss stablity limit is more transient stablity limit?


hai...... tis is Hemanth. jst now completed electrical engineering... i wanna to apper for ap tranco exam... plzz send me the previous q's paper link......thanx in advance.


What is the function of a neutral reactor.


How to calculate earth wire load by formula


How many types of interlocking use in screw type air compressor,make-Kaser(BSD MODEL)?


what is the interrelation between voltage current torgue speed and magnetic flux in case of different types of electric motors


How to select, design,size & calculate for 11 KV/33KV/66KV/132KV/220 KV/440 KV circuit breaker for HT side of transformer protection/HT distribution protection?


Why is the air gap between the pole pieces and the armature kept very small?


I have a CT meter with ratio 60/5. The meter reading of previous month was 3290.49 and that of current month was 3797.26. How many chargeable units as per normal meter should be my reading.