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I hv a question regarding power factor improvement just
after transformer. I request you to reply me plzz. thank
you sir.
My friend has a small unit of fabrication. in his factory
the main load is a welding machine, lathe machine, grinding
machine. this load is not continuous type. now our
electricity board has installed 16 KVA, 11000/433 V
transformer for our factory. In the energy meter (trivector
meter) at LV side of transformer, i hv seen power factor
value of 0.15 only when only 3 KW load was flowing. Further
electricity board has suggested to install 4 KVAR capacitor
at LV side after energy meter. Now my question is that if
we permanantly install and switch on 4 KVAR capacitor after
energy meter, during some load on transformer and also
without any load on transformer, wht will be the power
factor shown in energy meter?i dont want to get any penalty
by electricity board, so plz suggest me if i can
permanantly install and switch on the 4 kvar capacitor or
not at LV side of transformer just after energy meter?
Thank you again and awaiting for ur positive reply soon.

Answer Posted / amrinder

how capacitors connected in parallel to each phase i.e
R,Y,B giving a resultant of 4 KVAR become a self load at
noload time of transformer and increase the electricity
bill.......... please explain in detail......waiting

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