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i have a table like
empid ename year month sal
1 x 98 jan 500
1 x 98 feb 500
1 x 98 mar 500
1 x 99 jan 600
1 x 99 feb 600
2 y 98 jan 600
2 y 98 feb 600
2 y 98 mar 600
2 y 99 jan 700
2 y 99 jan 700
and so on
i want to find out totsal for every emp on year wise
plz help me

Answer Posted / jaimeen shah

if you talk about in Informatica then in mapping use
Source Definition --> Source Qualifier (Default T/R) -->
Modified the SQ query to load the data that you have
select empid, ename, sum(sal) as totalsal from test1
Group by years, ename, empid
Order by ename, empid
and connect the SQ ports to Target definition.
It gives you the result which you require.

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