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i want to know my sbi clerical written test result which is
held on 1 march 2009 my roll no is 4030709395 plz reply me

Answer Posted / aditi

i m sorry, but yiu have not cleared it ...

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Hey frnz, this is Syed Ataur Rahman. can any1 plz tell me the basic category of questions asked in the interview for sbi clerical. like is it related to banking or GK, or smthng else? ??????? plz do reply. my email id


sir i have selected for sbi clerk what r the steps involved in sbi medical examination pls send reply to this is my mail id


role of SBI in indian banking sector?


in sbi clerk exam conducted on jan 23rd 2011 asked a question in general awareness. Question is "somdeverman related to " and given five options, What are the five options? if any one knows please tell urgently Thank you


what do you undestand about current account and saving account?


I want to use RTI ACT to know the information about the SBI CLAERK GRADE EXAM 2009-10 as I am frustrated by this delay by CRPD SBI. Anybody know how to use Right To Information for this purpose? Please post Here...


wil u pls send me previous papers of bsrb clerical




aLL SBI Aspirants from UTTARAKHAND share your views to help each other here.


what is bank crisis?


How many branches of psb are there in India?


guys on which basis are they alloting interview dates.... MERIT or Reg num or Roll num........


please share interviews question of sbi dated between 26th april to 10th may


how many type of banks there are?


Hi i would like to know what are reasons for medically unfit for sbi clerk. iam OH like Paraplegea so I finished my interview But now tension about medical test ple.. anybody clarify my query my id