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Answer Posted / vishal marwaha

please tell me how to check result of po exam 30 ov 2009.

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what is the general administration


any one send me buildings dry material in m.k.s and f.p.s system on this id plz.


I completed my MBA in FINANCE stream and i did my BSC (graduation) from SCIENCE background so in interview they are asking why I shifted from SCIENCE to FINANCE. I need a convincing answer for this question


I'm a engineering graduate with 78%(first class with distinction).I've been selected in campus but i cant pay the deposit they asked.I cant afford staying in city and get a suitable job.I've been selected for sbi clerk exam.If he ask me,why r u coming for a clerk post, what should be my answer? Help me to find a suitable answer


I have studied computer as a subject in M.Com. So is that enough for getting a job in a bank or is it necessary to submit a computer course certificate from a recognized institution/coaching centre ?


Hello All, I m going to appear in Mass communicaion enterance exam from Jamia Milia university.Please let me know what kind of paper it will be. Only 20 seats are there, so i m worried. please help. if anyone is same course from same college please mail me on


What are the test cases for booking one ticket for same movie, for same time but many users.


studying microwave office software what can i do?


Can any one solve this one?? **A server configuration is controlled from a single web page with multiple options:  20 drop-down menus, with 3-4 options each.  5 check-boxes.  1 multi-select menu, with 5 options.  1 template selection, with 6 options: A, B, C, D, E, F. o When options A, B, C, D are selected, all options (#1-#3) above are available. o When options E, F are selected, only 10 out of 20 drop-down menus have an effect.  Besides item #4, developers input is that all options are independent, I.e., not impacting each other. What is the required number of test configurations required in order to test the server configuration and release in good quality:  Assuming first release.  Assuming regression tests for release with new features not impacted by the above options. Test configuration is a complete set of options that were selected to be tested in one complete server configuration scenario. I.e, a test configuration is set of 17 or 27 specific options tested together.


is this sentence correct ??? " i had completed "


Is there any institution for giving graduate degree in one year?


hii frnds this is sandeep singh rjput. i hav qualified for ssc cpo 2009(sub inspector) interviw. any one hav any idea about interview questions....plzzz help me


Hey I am working as Trackman in Railways with Basic of 7610 and I have been selected as a clerk in one of Nationalised bank. Should I continue with the Railways or I should joing Bank as clerk?


Do IT ians welcome ECE students to software field?


i want to do ncfm certification course in kanpur plz. provide information