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what is WLS T3 protocol?

Answer Posted / ram

T3 provides a framework for WebLogic Server messages that
support for enhancements. These enhancements include
abbreviations and features, such as object replacement,
that work in the context of WebLogic Server clusters and
HTTP and other product tunneling. T3 predates Java Object
Serialization and RMI, while closely tracking and
leveraging these specifications. T3 is a superset of Java
Object. Serialization or RMI; anything you can do in Java
Object Serialization and RMI can be done over T3. T3 is
mandated between WebLogic Servers and between programmatic
clients and a WebLogic Server cluster. HTTP and IIOP are
optional protocols that can be used to communicate between
other processes and WebLogic Server. It depends on what you
want to do. For example, when you want to communicate
between a browser and WebLogic Server-use HTTP, or an ORB
and WebLogic Server-IIOP.

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