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Question { 3976 }

explian qtp frame work and what is the use of it? what is
the neceecity of this? explian detail?


qtp frame work is nothing but a reposity means if you want
to maintain any project related data
Use: qtp mainly depend on that object so each oject has
different name for identification purpose
In Framework you should maintain some flate files in that
flate files we should maintain some data related to object
name and what is the method of that oject like that

saving of time and any newly joined person also easily
identify what is the things are going on......
while running the script also it is more use ful
easily we can call functions

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Question { GL Noble Denton, 27392 }

What is the BPT(bussiness process testing ).and what is the
main difference between BPT and QTP


business process testing means first we recording some
componenets and we did some enhancement and we bound those
componets using QC and we will start running the scripts

In business process testing each script treat as a
components nothing else

In QTP one scope ot testing is BPT

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Question { IBM, 3830 }

Any tools to test the performance of SQL Quarries and SP?
If any one are using them please provide the site names or
software names...


baically if you test any related aql querries we will go
for toad thing
for login purpose just enter username and password
after that what ever you can do just do it

if you go any for any related sql testing it is the only
one process

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Question { Cegonsoft, 10189 }

Is there any site to download QTP....otherwise tell me the
way how to get the QTP sofware???????????????????
Thnx in advance


for qtp
www://sqaform is good
for download pupose
mercury site is good

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