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1..Potatoes are made up of 99% water and 1% "potato matter."
Jack bought 100 pounds of potatoes and left them outside in
the sun for a while. When he returned, he discovered that
the potatoes had dehydrated and were now only made up of 98%
water. How much did the potatoes now weigh?

2..One boy can eat 100 chocolates in half a minute, and
another can eat half as many in twice the length of time.
How many chocolates can both boys eat in 15 seconds?

3..In the Olympic Games, the flags of six nations were flown
on the masts in the following way. The flag of America was
to the left of Indian tricolour and to the right of the flag
of France. The flag of Australia was on the right of the
Indian flag but was to the left of the flag of Japan, which
was to the left of the flag of China. Find the two flags
which are in the centre.


answer1=98.98 pounds

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