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Question { 7485 }

Tell me two mainly diffrence between s/34 and s/149 of


First starting from the top and discuss in toto then:

As per section 34 of the IPC - When a criminal act is done
by several persons, in furtherof the common intention of
all. eachof such persons is liable for that act in same
manner as if it were done by him alone.

As per section 149 of the IPC - If an offence is committed
by any memberof an unlawful assembly in prosecution of the
common object of that assembly, or such as the members of
that assembly knew to be likely to be committed in
prosecution of that obejct, every person who, at the time
of the committed of that offence is a member of the same
assembly, is guilty of that offence.

Differemce (Main) - Main differnce is :
1. Section 149 is vider then Section 34.
2. In section 34 joint libility on common intention and in
149 on common object.
3. In section 149 punishment is with offence


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Question { Spencers, 2666 }

sir, this is Ramakrishna i am recently completed MBA from
andhra university. present i am working in spencer retail
store as a customer service attendant(CSA). but this post
suitable to 10th or intermediate range. some of my
colleagues says this job is not suitable to me.if i am
resign this job whats my position. is there any growth in
spencer to mba's.


I am Thakkar Mohini.

Please don't leave ir.

See, sir you are elder as well as you are learned from me
but i am experianced person and going to give you a
suggesstion as your little sister that please don't leave
your present job. As per my experiance, experiance is
rquired at all places and always remeber one thing if u
want taught or know more never tell any seat small.
Beacuase each profession and each post will teach you
something new and different. Don't go as per your friend's
advice. And i am sure that you will get a good job within
short time but never sit lazy, do job you will get
experiance from it and it will be utilize you in fututre.
It is not time vesting.

Please don't leave present job till you get better
opportunity from it.


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Question { 3151 }




U want answer of article 161 but of which act, regarding

Please tel me at length.

I'l give answer if possible and i have knowledge.


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Question { 3110 }

I want study LAW course through lawcet.
Can any on tell me the profession(work) of this field?
Is there any advatages/disadvatages?
Is there any improvement in future?


Regarding your question i want tell or suggest you that,
firstly i am frsh in this field and i am not an advocate
but i want to be an advocate only that is why i had joined
an advocate's office and as per my personal experiance for
this field is this, if you are belonging nerrow minnd
family and you are strictly restricted by your family to go
court than youhave one way that is you can choose the field
of solicitor which is a brancy of this field, inthis field
ther is no need to go in court and if you want to go court
and your nature is simple and peacefull than use Civil Law
only and if you are freeminded and you have courage to
fight and you have confidence then use the Criminolgy law,
see both are good. ANd regarding to your question advantage
and disadvantage than advantage is less than disadvantage
if you are female than you have put stepinthis field with
some basic principles and duties of female, it is good
feild and definetely you will afford a bright furture also.

Best of Luck

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Question { 4416 }

Fill in the blank
Partnership act----------


Indian Partnership Act, 1932 and thereafetr amended time to
time and latest amenment bare act is available in book
stalls and liberary

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Question { 5276 }

Fill in the blank
Income tax act-----------


Incoem Tax Act 1961 Originally and thereafeter amendent
time to time.

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Question { 2661 }

please send me material of bank exam for clerical post



You can recive best knowledge of clerical exams from the
sbi bank's site and you will get clerical
question papers with solution and as per my personal
experiance liberty's clerical book is best.

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Question { 3589 }

How will be the transfers and promotions be done in any
govt. bank?


Here in this question two different things asked first is
transfers means on same post, with same salary a person
ordered by some one or higher authority to go any other
branch this is called transferes and reasons of transfer is
nonavaibility of sufficent staff in other branch and/or
other branch needs transferee's knowledge and many other
qualities. Thus, reasons of transfer at the same time and
at other hand promotion means ordered any person to go uper
level from his running post in the same branch but wity
salary as well as liability because of his good, hard and
appriciate work. Thus this is tdefinition and reasons for
transfers and promotion.

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Question { 4212 }

what is differance between sarvice and business


Service and business are two differnt things and ther is a
big difference between these two words.

Service = Service means job from which a person can earn
money by doing specific work in specifc timing and person
gets salary by doing approproiate work. In service there is
no responsiblity of any profit or loss in serviceman, he
get salary time to time against work. In short in service
person has to work in anybody's under, in this any one type
of knowledge is required reagrding appropriate field.

A clerk is doing work in Advoacte's office and that person
paid him salary month to month, in this that person whose
post is clerk in office get salary month to month by doing
appropriate work under Advoacate, that person is not
concern with problem that Advoacte recieves matters or not,
he gets his salary against his work(service), we can say it
job also.

Business = Business mean the person who starst it is own
his responsiblities only and he has to suffers with profit
or loss and he has to invest everything in it. in this he
can't get salary but get profit or loss. To do business
some basic things like lots of reaponsiblities e.g.
Government Polices, work, internal and external environment
of work, problem solutions etc. are required most and
entreprenure has to do these or solve these problems alone
only and. Thus, it busniess gives you money but with

Thus, basic differences in it are:
1)In business responsibility is main, while in service it
is less;
2)In business person gets consideration by way of and in
the nature of profi or loss while in service as a salary:
3)In business person does work independetly while in
service person have to do work in anyone's under.

These are basic difference between service and business.

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Question { 4933 }

who is the present cheif justice of india.


K. G. Blkrishnan on 14th anuary, 2007

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Question { 2465 }

i want to be a lawyer but and i am belonging cultural
family so i confused that i will be or not?


See as per my opinion you will be. How? then here is
answer, i am also belonging cultural family and i was think
like you, but one day i determine to be an advocate and
thereafetr my parents also allowed me.

See one think advocay is not bad field. If your family
decline you to go to court that you can be soclicitor, tax
consultant, etc.

You will be convey your parents it is respected feiled.

Best Luck

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Question { 3511 }

Is trust a type of contract?


Trust is not type of contract but a smae time agreement is
a typr of contract, as per Indian Contract Act.

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Question { 3830 }



Power of Attorney is one type of agreement. A person who
gives authority to another person by some lagal notorized
papers, and person can take action by that power in absence
of original owner. This agreemnt is called as Power of

e.g. A person who has a falt in ahmedabad but somehow they
settled in banglore and they dicided to sale that falt, now
the point is a person who is owner of the falt is so much
ill and not able to come in ahmedabad for sale deed or
other deeds, in this case he can give the power to any
person and that peson will come here with that POA and by
showing that POA to the Registrar Office POA holder can
sign the sale deed behalf of owner who is ill.

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Question { 7270 }

what is recruitment?


Recruitment means vacancy. Recruitment means a company or a
firm etc. wants any person for work and they paid
remunaration as per work, thus, this process is called

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Question { TATA, 18752 }

how many branches are there in bank of india?



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