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Question { Matrix, 3127 }

what is lobry debrugn alberda van ekenstein transformation?


Glucose ,fructose,mannose are interconvertible in weak
alkhaline solutions such as ca(oh)2 and ba(oh)2 at low
temperatures.this reaction is known as lobry debruyn-alberda
van ekenstein transformation.mechanism involves miogration of
proton from carbon atom onto oxygen of an adjascent carbonyl
group resulting in formation of unsaturated alcohol called

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Question { 2843 }

what are the two imp charecters of nitrogenase complex?


Two imp charecters of nitrogenase complex are
ATP seems to play a catalytic role rather than thermodynamic
another imp property is extremly labile when o2 is present.

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Question {, 3199 }

what is the functionality of bongkrekat?


It is a toxin formed by bacteria (pseudomonas)in a coconut
preperation called bongrekek from also blocks the
ADP-ATP antiport.only 2 micromoles per gram of mitochondrial
protein are effective.

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Question { Apollo, 5900 }

Name the 3 hormones present in urine of pregnant women?


ESTRONE was first found sex hormone found in urine of
pregnant woman .later ESTRIOL,ESTRADIOL was isolated.

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Question { Natco, 3642 }

what are 3 types of plasmalogens?


plasmalogens constitutes about 10% of phospholipids of brain
and muscle.structurally they resamble lecithins and cephalins.
3 types of plasmalogens are PHOSPHATIDAL

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