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Question { TCS, 5197 }

Write the subfile logic program for the given concept. Load
the data to the subfile
depends upon the designation where designation is not a
key field?


Read the file and add a IF condition for the designation. If
true, then write the record in subfile.

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Question { CTS, 4616 }

in which journalling which attributes are necessary


What needs to be journaled (PF, OBJ, LF etc), journal receiver

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Question { 4162 }

What you have to do in the display file when you are using
message subfile?



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Question { HSBC, 7492 }

1.How to read a subfile in out put mode?
2.what are the keywords used to share same file?
3.using composite key which rpg code used?


1. Why do u need to read a subfile which is in output mode? There is going to be no changed record, so READC will not work.

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