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Question { 49965 }

Differentiate alpha-taxonomy and omega-taxonomy ?


Alpha-taxonomy is based solely upon more or less obvious
external morphological characters while omega taxonomy is
based upon all available characters

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Question { 2933 }

what are the demerits of takthajan classification?


Derivation of monocots from stocks ancestral to Nympheales

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Question { 2191 }

what order and family does the desert locust (Schistocerca
gregaria) come from?


Family - Acrididae

Order - Orthoptera

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Question { 12795 }

Explain the difference between a carpel and a pistil?


The carpels - collectively the gynoecium - are ovule
producing megasporophylls that are folded lengthwise,
enclosing one or more ovules.

The pistil is a carpel or a whorl of fused carpels

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Question { 11797 }

Explain the difference between an achene and a caryopsis.


caryopsis is dry single-seeded indehiscent fruit that
differs from an achene in that the fruit wall is fused to
the testa of the seed.

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Question { 3528 }

Explain the difference between a raceme and a spike.


The only difference between raceme and spike is that in the
latter, the flowers are more densely inclosed with very
short pedicels or none

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Question { 13783 }

Describe the difference between a legume, a lomentum, and a


A Legume is a dry dehiscent pod that splits on two sides.
(i.e. pea)

A Lomentum is a dry dehiscent fruit, a legume constricted
between the seeds. (i.e. Sophora)

A Follicle is a dry dehiscent fruit which splits on one
side only and may contain one or many seeds. (i.e.

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Question { 2256 }

Which family of dicots has the most species?


Asteraceae with 25,ooo species

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Question { 2167 }

viny plant with alternate leaves, poricidally-dehiscent
anthers, and black berries belongs to which Family?



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Question { 1940 }

Describe three unusual features of flowers in Asclepias.


1. They have a corona that looks like an extra set of
petals facing toward the center of the flower, like a crown.

2. On the flowers the corolla is typically red and the
corona orange, and this species is unique in having
reflexed corolla lobes.

3. The flower clusters are 2-4” across with 6-15 flowers in
each group.

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Question { 1813 }

Give the three head types found in the Asteraceae and tell
which flower types are found in each.


1. Radiate head: disk florets in the center, ray florets
along the edge(these usually pistillate. This is found in

2. Discoid head: only disk or tubular florets comprise the
entire head. This is found in Liatris.

3. Ligulate head: only ligulate florets comprise the entire
head. This is found in Cichorium.

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Question { Reliance, 3352 }

What is one feature that the Lamiaceae and Boraginaceae


They have gynobasic style, 4-lobed ovary becoming 4-locular
by false septum and usually shizocarpic fruit

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Question { 2875 }

What are the hyphal features of Ascomycota?


The hyphae are filamentous, microscopic structures. Many
interconnected hyphae form a mycelium, which—when visible
to the naked eye (macroscopic)—is commonly called mold

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Question { 2077 }

How microwave influences seed germination?


The microwave would heat up the seed and destroy essential
compounds therefore preventing germination.

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Question { 5701 }

what is the difference between corn and maize?


Maize is harvested at maturity, when its kernels are dry
and can be stored or used as grain. Sweet corn is maize
that's high in sugar. It's harvested before maturity and
therefore doesn't handle storage well. It must be eaten
immediately, as a vegetable. Or it must be processed for
canning or freezing, before the kernels become inedibly
starchy and tough

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