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why it is recommended to add verification checks to all your
scenarios ?


@ Brain,

web_reg_find is the function you can use it for page verification. If web_reg_find is successful, then you can make sure that the page is fully loaded.

@ Suresh,

Verification check is done to make sure whether the page is fully loaded. Suppose if the verification check fail, then we need to look in to the page and identify whether the content check is changed or not. If the content is changed then we need to modify the check point to the write name and execute again.

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Question { Wipro, 8768 }

Explain the recording mode for web Vuser script?


1.HTML based script - Generates the separated steps for each user action.
2.URL based script - Records all requests and resources from the server.

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Question { 8866 }

where do u use manual scenario and Goal oriened scenario ?


We use Manual Scenario and Goal Oriented Scenario in Load Runner Controller.

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