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Un-Answered Questions { Industrial Engineering }

can you give me the solution of iiie


Difine the process you would establish to monitor the effectiveness of an emergency evacuation system


business plan for 100 machines in a bulding showing differeng allocation of network devises?


Dear friends, I got admit in one of the u.s university.I didnt take TOEFL and the university which i had applied have accepted IELTS instead of TOEFL.But i am worried whether the u.s visa interviewers will accept IELTS.please tell me your views about this problem and also suggest how to answer this question.If anyone had faced the same problem please E-mail and share your experience to me.I would be gratefull if you do me this help. Thankyou


Where is the catting plane line located when a section view is in dicated?


What is fauit level


how the calculation of faut current level


pls sir can any body tell me the important questions of power plat operatoe my id is plss


i gotadmission in southeast missouri state universit ive got scholarship too my gre is 860 and ielts 6.0 bands and B.E 59.3% with 5 backlogs what are chances that i get visa????/


if zero ohm is not adjusted on shorting the two terminal of multimeter what does it indicate


state the care that shall be taken while checking the diode


what are the different ripple removing circuit . which one is better and why


How capacitor bank can prove superior to synchronous condensers w.r.t. power factor correction??


What is the major difference between Normal control loop and Cascade control loop and when to use cascade control loop?


why we use log files in QTP?