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describe various plants nutrients under the following heading 1:phosphorus excessive supply/toxity 2:sulphur excessive supply/toxity 3:magnesium excessive supply/toxity 4:manganese excessive supply/toxity 5:iron excessive supply/toxity


why r going for MS?


I need to interview someone working in the Bio Engineering field for a school project, can someone please take the time to help! Thank you Why did you decide to become a biomedical engineer? What college did you go to? What type of classes did you take? Where do you work? What do you do? How much money do you earn? Was it hard to get all the way to where you are now? What is a typical day for a biomedical engineer?


where i can get soil testing report for construction in aurangabad.


i am verymuch interested about biocom.plz send me technical test paper.


What degree do you need to become a biomedical engineer? What isyour average work schedule?


what is role of b.tech biotechnology student in pharma compenies?


What3 Tasks would you like Best and Why


  what do you mean by non-smart instruments ? define ? give an example?


What would you say when HR asks you "Please do help me understand why are you looking for a non-technical profile?"


what will we do after getting a degree in biomedical engineering ? what is the role of biomedical engineer and what do they do ? what is biomedical engineering ?


what is the diff. between hplc and lc.