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Plz send me RECRUITMENT OF NALCO GET-2007 sample questions and answers


Anybody can suggest me How to Delete our a/c details in Naukri.com completely..... Thanks in advance


what kind of interview questions are asked for BA IT banking Domain ??


what are different phase of SDLC in a banking domain development ?


Sir, we are using Linux fedora core 5 as Proxy server in our Engineering college we have proble with IP conflict There are 200 windows 2000 OS Clients in our network at diffrent places.Now we want to assign internet using MAC Address of these systems for windows Clients and theres. Please give me a full details of that matter with some more websites concerned to that. Abdul Hadi Gudlavalleru Engineering Collge Krishna Dt. A.P India Cell:9393922382


How to delete Local Area Network Connection #2


what is Negotiation?


Explain me about the most complex scenario you have faced in in sap xi.? can any one give me the answer for this type of questions.


Hi, i am electronics and communication engineer and don't have any strong programming background. i only know basics of c and C++. Will doing training in TIBCO/Webmethods (4-5 weeks)help me to get an entry level job in any of the field. As i mentioned i don't have strong programming knowledge is any of them is a good career choice for me. if yes which one and can anyone help me to tell from where to start. if not is there any option to get into IT sector except QA.


What are the benefits of pub sub model?


what are the dis advantages of pub sub model


where is the document stored when u recieve from the client


What is the differnce between loop and repeat


How to create a directory using external command activity in bw?


How to create a directory using external command activity in bw? Can you please tell the cmd?