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Un-Answered Questions { SDK }

What is the difference among deadlock avoidance, detection and prevention?


What items of information about a task might be useful in real time scheduling?


how make a bootable dick


when affected the system from virus , which paths will be it stored in system ?


if you are using external package for configuring send mail what is the name of the package?


If you tries to mount a share ( home directory )in a client machine, and it fails how do u approach?


What is direct mount and indirect monut?


What is LOM and how do you access it?


Let us suppose one application needs 2GB RAM to run and dependent plugins will be load while running application. Here My doubt is how many processes will create for this application. I know the concept of virtual memory, which will provide RAM on demand. My straight forward question is what is the size of the process and is it single process will create by operating system to complete the task of my application.??? Thanks in Advance.


what is a property sheet?


some os have a tree structure file system that limits the depth of a tree and small number of levels.what limit does this have on user? how does this simplify file system design?


directories can be implemented either special files that can only be accused in limited ways or can be implemented as ordinary data files. what are advantages and disadvantages of this approach?


absolute path gives the location a file or directory in reference to a rile directory while relative path is a path given file starting from another file. explain?


Explain the process control block of UNIX ?


Can you tell which dlls are used for SDK?