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Un-Answered Questions { Government AllOther }

I want to know the total number of all type bank & branches present in india & Total Number of ATm Present in india


I working in Central government autonomous as a staff car driver, can I change my profile. How can I change my cadre. Is there any rule to change my post through DPC or direct recruitment.


what is sec 94B


can anyone provide me deputy field officer paper tele.....pls help


Iam recently selected for a central govt job. I dont have valid 12th std mark sheet certificate and individual college semester marksheets. However, i have 10th certificate, 12th attested copy marksheet from govt school HOD, college degree, overall marksheet.Can I join without any issue? If not what should I do to join?


Which one of the following is not a part of transformer installation


If my company tds deducted by party then how i collect money from government


What are the questions asked in panchayti secretary interview


All question for interview asked mahila balvikas adhikari