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Un-Answered Questions { DB400 }

How to index LF by relative record no (RRN)


Where the QTEMP library will get created? if the the answer is QSYS, then howcome more than one job can create same library name(QTEMP) in QSYS? what is the uniqueness of QTEMP? For example, run the below command in different workstation WRKOBJ QSYS/QTEMP And take 8 in the option to check the description. both will have different info. so where(which LIB) exactly the QTEMP is stored?


In a CL Program after executing a SQL SP how to receive a Output value from the SP. Just to make it clear I am sending 2 input and 1 output parameter to the SQL Stored Procedure. Now while receiving it output parm it is failing.


How to know the particular record in pf with out reading?


How to update physical file using logical file with example?


What is the purpose of the chain and setll and setgt?


I have physical file with 100 records,there is no any duplicate records in this pf.based on this pf one logical file I have used.but this lf is viewing only 80 records only of that pf?what is the reason for this?


What is the interactive job? What is the batch job? How to change the batch job to interactive job?


How to find the list of source physical files in a library?


How to change the batch job to interactive job?


How to retrieve a physical file after deleting that?


Suppose I have a pf,it contains 5 members,how to access particular member data from logical file ?and what is the use of member in pf?


What is the interactive job?


Can we concatenate fields in physical file? If yes how can we do?


What is the batch job?