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Un-Answered Questions { Taxation }

if threshhold limit is crossed then tds is deducted on which amount ? Aggregate or exceeding threshold limit?


How to calculate sales tax ?


Dearlers Margin Received for Direct sale from our Creditor, that TDS deducted for us. How to accounting in my records in Tally ERP 9


what is CST % applicable on garments sales to other state?


what is period VAT revised return can be filed?


agar hum koi sale return 3 month ke andar hi receive krte hai or part uski cst purchase ka bill deti hai or humse c form mangti hai to kya hum use LS-10 me tax benefit ke liye and LP-3 me c form issue krne ke liye kyoki central purchase ka haryana vat me benefit nhi milta kya dono form LP-3 and LS-10 me hum us return ko show kar skte hai


If a person have been appointed as a Director in more than one company, what is the rule of paying Prof. tax ? Is Directors prof .Tax has to be paid by all the Companies whre he is a director.?


Apply for TDS certificate in bank for rent purpose is wrongly entry as 94C instead of 94I. Is any problem?


Cenvat credit transaction journal entries. And what does the term reversal of credit means


due date for issue of C form, if c form is not issue what will be the consequences


How should the personal assets of a salaried employee be shown in his books of accounts ?


if waybill issued by consignor , then c form issue whose responsibility?


What is VAT TDS? when it is applied & at what rate?


If a person purchased goods by paying vat but while selling no vat has been collected and if he is registering his firm under vat need to pay vat after registration?


Sir please confirm job work sale for clothes shat d1 yes & no