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Have you heard about any earth bag project implemented in
Poalnd ? I have some doubts if our climate is suitable for
this kind of system.

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3. Assume a building having three floor and a lift, the lift has the following buttons: a. G (for ground floor) b. 1 (for first floor) c. 2 (for the second floor) d. 3 (for the 3rd floor) e. Stop (Stop button to stop the lift in emergency) Assume currently the lift is in the ground floor; write an algorithm for the lift to work.

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1. What are the three services offered by GSM? Explain each of them briefly.

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How to construct BUILDINGS in a very busy and very narrow roads with out causing much disturbance to others?

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What is meant by fetch and execute cycle in cpu operations

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what is length of IRON PILLAR at MEHRAULI?

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In informatica by using filter tranformation what is the filter condition to display for the single id empno

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I want to build a home by digging a large hole and cementing the floor and all walls, then making a slanted roof for water runoff, with windows on the south side. How will I keep a steady temperature of 68 degrees with no moisture?

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what is the maximum depth at which the open foundation bridge can be done

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difference between action and collaboration in object oriented designing and modeling

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As an architect, how do you blend contemplory materials used in construction with the natural?

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I am building a house in Iowa by the strict requirements and dimensionality of Sthapatya-ved. As you probably know, these dimensions are specific to certain harmonic structures generated by the architectural style and my astologic chart. The outer walls will be approximately 10.5 inches thick. I would like to use some sort of straw/clay mixture, but I also live in a very cold climate. It is not unusual to have -10 degree temperatures for several weeks on end. I have friends who built with rammed earth and their environment is miserable during winter, always fighting the fly-wheeling of energy in the earth structure. Can you shed any light on the true insulation value of a straw clay mixture in this climate.

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Discuss the concept of system transition strategy.

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