why we use class c IP address most

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why we use class c IP address most..

Answer / harish chopra

The only reason seems to be is, coz Class C has very less
number of host allocated and due to which the wastage of
IP's is very less.
For eg. even if you take complete subnet into use then also
at max the hosts will be 254.
now, 8 bits remained for hosts so as per the formula 2
power 8 - 2 and that comes to 256-2 = 254

so these host ip's are very less as compared to other
classes, therefore CLASS C is used more.

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why we use class c IP address most..

Answer / raveendra reddy

I don't know whether it is correct or not exactly.with using
of class C address the searching time for the host is very
much less than other classes.so that's why we can use class
C addresses mostly

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why we use class c IP address most..

Answer / pawan sharma

I think we can use more network in class c and the wastage
of ip address is less as compare to other class.If we want
to many host we can do subneting for that

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why we use class c IP address most..

Answer / dharmesh suryawanshi

in class c no. of host is less than the other so that we can
use the class c also consume time........

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why we use class c IP address most..

Answer / manickam.kc

Class C is a unicast address in the range to Class C addresses are identified by a
beginning set of 3 bits in the binary sequence 110. The next
21 bits identify the network, with 2,097,154 networks (2 21
) theoretically possible. As addresses 0 and 2,097,151 are
reserved, 2,097,152 network addresses remain available for
assignment. As the specific host on the network is
identified in bits 24 through 31, as many as 254 (2 8
Class C to, Supports 254 hosts on
each of 2 million networks.

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why we use class c IP address most..

Answer / ravi

class c range to it is used to
lan&wan connection 42 milions networks

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why we use class c IP address most..

Answer / guest

the ip address mostly use from the address for netword in
manual systems.ip address use identify the address in
seperate system.

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