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Is it compulsary to show financial means documents when
ever applying for the student visa? Is there any

Is it compulsary to show financial means documents when ever applying for the student visa? Is the..

Answer / emm

The alternatives are to prove you have scholarship or
transfer monies into a German account the embassy can help
you create in Germany

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In addition to following Question..I have ielts score 6 also.

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i submit my documents for tradefair trip to german. so they need my wealth documents ?

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please Sir, my mother is inviting me to visit her in Germany, what and what do I need for the visa interview?

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Hi every body, I applied for student visa ,all my documents was complete but the embassy reject me becouse of my language!!!but I have IELTS 6.0 and that is enough for my university and they accepted me in master!! I don't know what shall I do?!!!I have just 45 days to start the semester and embassy do this!!!

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