What does aldb_server do?

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What does aldb_server do?..

Answer / sandhya

The ClearCase ALBD (ALBD stands for the Atria Location
Broker Daemon) Atria was the name of the company that
originally designed and developed ClearCase) server is a
broker between ClearCase processes and data. It provides
other ClearCase processes with the information needed to
locate and communicate with other ClearCase processes,
regardless of where in the network the processes exist.

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What does aldb_server do?..

Answer / s.palanirajan

your question is not clear.your are asking albd_server or
db_server process.But i am explain both process.

albd_server process is very critical service in clearcase
server and client .
albd_server process responsible:

1.Starting and stopping other Rational ClearCase services
as needed.
2.Setting up network communications between Rational
ClearCase clients and servers that time (When a client
program wants to access a service (a VOB or view server,
for example) on a Rational ClearCase server host, it uses a
remote procedure call (RPC) to send a request to the
albd_server process on that host).
3.Managing execution of tasks run by the Rational ClearCase
4.Responding to requests for registry information on a
Rational ClearCase registry server host.
5.Responding to requests for licenses on a Rational
ClearCase license server host.

albd_server listen RPC port number is port 371.

db_server service is different for albd_server process .
db_server is dependent process of albd_server process.

Resonsibile for db_server process:

Client program is not able to access VOB database
directly. db_server processes manage VOB database
transactions on that host in response to requests from
client programs

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What does aldb_server do?..

Answer / sangeetha

the albd server handles a varienty of tasks.

when a cleint program wants access a service ( avob or view
serverfor example)on cleracase host,it uses a remote
procedure call to send a request to the albd server on that
host. the albd server starts the requested services if it
is not already started. then isssues a responce telling the
client the service's port number. thereafetr the client
communicates directly with the specific service, without
invoving the albd_server.

responding to requests for registry information on rational
cleracase registry on server host.

responding to requests for licenses information on a
rational cleracase license server hpst.

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