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What is a positive control?

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what are Threats

0 Answers  

Explain penicillin?

0 Answers  

protein electrophoresis

1 Answers   BIS, DHA,

what are elisa tests and pcr tests?

2 Answers  

why potasium is high?when we done the test by edta sample

1 Answers  

why it is come urine yellow some times colour less ?

2 Answers  

can plasma be used for widal slide test instesd of serum?

3 Answers   KIMS, Practical Viva Questions,

Which disease occurs due to the deficiency of vitamin "d"?

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What do you mean by a confirmatory test?

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What diffrence between reviewed by and Checked By

1 Answers   Alembic,

Explain artificial insemination?

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What are infectious diseases?

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