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can any one give me the question bank for Lab Technician am
going to appear for my HAAD exam on the 29/4/10. Please
send me the Qs. my mail Id is
Please help. thks.

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Write short notes on following. Penicillin, antiseptic, artificial insemination, hydrophobia, cataract, memingitis, mumps

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why do we choose hplc Or Gas chromatography for a sample analysis?

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why it is come urine yellow some times colour less ?

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if ASO test comes positive,than what would be the solution?

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What is Calibration Curve?

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if drug batch rejected in pharma industry thn what techniques are made to clear the batch?

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what is the relative response factor in related substances? is it necessary to calculate?

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What diffrence between reviewed by and Checked By

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What are infectious diseases ? How are they spread ? Describe some preventive measures

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why do we use usp dissolution apparatus but not ip apparatus even though we r Indians.

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Explain mumps?

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what do you think is the most challenging aspect of a pharmaseutical representative?

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