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hi im doing an interview for school and i need to interview
an architect..but i cant find one. It would be sweet if
someone with architectural knowledge could answer my questions.
1.what is the most important responsibility an architect has?
2.what is the hardest thing to do if you are an architect?
3. what is the easiest thing to do?
4.What courses do i need to take in high school if i want to
become one?
5.Are there situations where an architects job can be dangerous?
6.Do architects have a big responsibility when it comes to
their job?
7.What do spend time most on when you are at work?
8.What university course do you recommend if i want to
become one?

2-3 sentences answers would be nice. it would be cool if i
could have name because i have to include that on my
assignment sheet

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hi im doing an interview for school and i need to interview an architect..but i cant find one. It w..

Answer / david kelley

1. An Architect has many important responsibilities - a few are Code Compliance, Specification of Fire and Life Safety Systems (although there are consultants for that now) and Planning.
2. Tell the Client that something isn't possible (although it's always a good idea to have options).
3. Design (it's the best part of the job).
4. Drafting, all the math courses offered, art, world history, anything cultural, and a foreign language (from where the economy is good).
5. Site inspections and Contractor Pay Applications.
6. In the end they are responsible for verifying that construction is in compliance with the design intent (associated with Contractor Pay Application) and Life Safety.
7. It depends on what position you hold (draftsman, designer, Project Architect, Project Manager, Principle, etc.). Project Architect concentrates on the all areas of the project, most time is spent coordinating documents with all disciplines, sometimes produces/reviews architectural design/construction drawings and reviews contractor shop drawings, FRI's, Pay Apps., Permits, etc. It's the position you learn the most in.
8. Bs in Science (Architecture/Engineering)- also depends on how the university sets up the program.

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hi im doing an interview for school and i need to interview an architect..but i cant find one. It w..

Answer / tempestsea

Look in the phone book and call any one of the Architects
listed there - I'm sure any of them would be glad to let you
ask a few questions...

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