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Hi i'm Jackie ive been modeling sense i was 4 years old
and been through many modeling agentcies but never came out
at the top ive always made it to the runway but when the
judges saw my pic they would say i was great but not tall
anuff im 5"3 (95 )lbs and im 16 years old yes im small but
its model type small i need help finding a really good
agent i need help findin one around woodbridge va or
triangle va thank you ......Jackie

Hi i'm Jackie ive been modeling sense i was 4 years old and been through many modeling agent..

Answer / nicolle velez

Well...yes u are model small, but forget about doing high
fashion, you are way too short. I know thats a bummer, im
not the tallest person in the world, but whatever it is u
have been auditioning print work or commercial
work because for the large large variety of clients, you
are too small :( start out in every way you can, is a good networl as well as, Wilhemina is modeling agency...they take
all types of models : the short season for America's Next
top Model show was a contract with them.... How this is
somewhat helpful. I nkow what u would really want to do,
but as some1 like myself also trying to break into the
buiness we have to market ourselves accordingly... :)

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